2015 CSA Enrollment form

Community supported agriculture is a way to ensure you get high quality fresh vegetables directly from the farmer. By prepaying your subscription the farmer is able to plant knowing that the customer will be there when the crop is at its peak. The CSA program works for both consumer and producer. Having a local market for his or her products, the farmer can control quality and cost. Having your produce delivered to or near your home immediately after harvest improves freshness and storability while saving you time shopping. Another major benefit is that a link is forged directly between the producer and the consumer, removing the mystery of where and how your food is grown. With food safety becoming an ever more important issue with conscientious consumers, subscribing to an Orchard Farms CSA is a great way to ensure that you get Certified Organic produce, leaving you free of doubt that the food you eat is as safe as it can be.

To begin a CSA for your household from January 2015 thru June 2015 fill in this form and click the Submit button at the bottom.  The form will be automatically sent to Orchard Farms. Alternatively, print the form and mail it with your check to: Orchard Farms 10951 Barnett Valley Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95472. Phone (707) 823-6528

Since we select produce at its peak in the field, the food you rceive reflects the changing seasons. You may pick up your baskets at the farm for $16/week.


$76 Sebastopol, $84 Santa Rosa

February  $76 Sebastopol, $84 Santa Rosa
March $95 Sebastopol, $105 Santa Rosa
April $76 Sebastopol, $84 Santa Rosa
May $76 Sebastopol, $84 Santa Rosa
June $95 Sebastopol, $105 Santa Rosa

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